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In front of Vourvourou and very close to the shore, there is a complex of nine small islands. The largest one is called Diaporos, a picturesque island with natural beauty, trees touching the sea, pristine blue waters and a fascinating underwater world. Because of its location, Diaporos has always calm waters. A huge natural gulf named "kryftos", which is more than 700 metres long, extends on the island of Diaporos. The Byzantine ruins at "kryftos" gulf reveal the long history of the island.

On Diaporos, you will find Myrsini beach or «Hawaii» as most people call it, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. With crystal clear blue water, white sand, small bays, and beautiful rounded rocks, Myrsini Beach is beyond all your expectations.

“Blue Lagoon” is something that is rarely seen and what cannot be described in words. It is like a huge natural swimming pool with turquoise, sparkling, shallow water. Swimming here will forever remain one of your best memories. Diving or snorkeling here is a unique experience because of the rich underwater world, as the sea bottom is completely covered by rocks and shells. Blue Lagoon is located between the backside of Diaporos and the small island of Agios Isidoros.