Pilgrimage cruise to Mount Athos for the president of Moldova and his family with Calypso

The president of Moldova, Mr. Igor Dodon, after his three-day visit to Mount Athos and the priceless experiences that he has gained throughout his tour in the garden of Virgin Mary, decided to present his family and some of his closest friends with a gift, a pilgrimage tour in the Garden of Virgin Mary (Mount Athos).

Mr. Dodon was very excited with everything that he has experienced during his three-day tour and for that reason, he wanted to give the opportunity to his closest family and friendly environment, and mostly to the women who do not have the possibility to visit Mount Athos, to admire also themselves, even from a distance, the spirituality and natural beauty of this place as well as, to worship on board some of the Holy Relics that are kept in the monasteries for hundreds of years. 


The president of Moldova chose our company, Calypso Cruises, for himself and his family for this unique experience of a lifetime and all together boarded our brand new and modern boat “Calypso” for a five-hour cruise that definitely would be unforgettable. 


In areas, which were formerly consisted of the iron curtain, the Moldovan president Mr. Igor Dodon represents a veritable cornerstone of Orthodoxy, since he does not hesitate, when he is given the chance, to put himself in favor of our religion. After all, even during the first days of his election, he had put down his marker when in statements that we had made in his country, he had mentioned, inter alia: “We believe that without Orthodoxy in Moldavia, there is no future. Orthodoxy constitutes the foundations on which our state is built upon”.


Before the cruise with “Calypso”, Mr. Dodon had previously visited Mount Athos surrounded by friends and coworkers. It must be pointed out that the President of Moldova asked to enter Mount Athos with the boat in the regular service like any other pilgrim.


Mr. Dodon has characteristically said in one of his comments to his accompanying coworkers that it is better to spend two days in Mount Athos, which is an environment that calms down your soul, than 20 days vacations by the sea, since it is a blessing place and since a place like Mount Athos does not exist anywhere in the world.